Presentations UM 2015


Thanks to everyone for their contribution at the User Meeting 2015. Find below presentations following the agenda of the User Meeting. A few presentation will not be published due to confidentiality issues, this is why the links are empty. (Some authors might get permission to publish later, so please look back as the list could extend with time)

Welcome and Objectives
John Olaf Rømma, WindSim AS
Arne R. Gravdahl, WindSim AS
Jan-Olav Øderud, WindSim AS
Recent Developments
Catehrine Meissner and Matteo Mana WindSim AS
WindSim Portal
Rui Santos, WindSim AS
WindSim CFD validation in densely forested terrain
Cecilie Langhans and Torkel Løland, COWI, Denmark
Forest model
Karsten Busch, WKN AG, Germany
Forest validation
Jan Borràs Morales, Uppsala University/WindSim
A comparison between the WindSim results and the real parks production
Georg Droukas, 2EN, Greece
Validation of Park Performance
Jose Prati and Paulo Manso, RENOVABLES, Costa Rica
Improving vertical gridding by using multiple intervals on k-logical in refinement files
Juan Pablo Hernàndez, Climatik, Mexico
Wind and solar hybrid farms – a wind flow analysis using WindSim
Flavia Goncalves, RePowertech, USA
Uncertainty in Wind Resource Assessment
Akgün Kalkan, INORES, Turkey
Background noise map usage and creation through WindSim
Andrea Bartolazzi, Studio Rinnovabili srl, Italy
Wind Atlas
Sara Koller, METEOTEST, Switzerland
Test of CFD with Hyper threading
Eva-Maria Nikolai, WKN AG, Germany
Examples of findings when using data management software to increase profitability in wind farm operations
Sigurd Joakim Juvik, Baze Technology, Norway
Breeze Traders Dashboard – Power, Forecast, Price
Jonas Corné , Breeze, Sweden
Park Optimizer 2.0
Klaus Vogstad, Markedslabben, Norway
Workshop introduction; Best practice
Li Di, WindSim
Workshop introduction; Wake modeling
Nikolaos Simisiroglou, Uppsala University/WindSim AS, Sweden
Workshop introduction; Power Forecasting
Matteo Mana, WindSim
Workshop introduction; Forest modeling
Catherine Meissner, WindSim