What is WindSim?

Our flagship software is called WindSim, it is a wind farm design software based on CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). WindSim was first launched in 2003. Today it is surrounded by a software suite covering the the entire wind farm lifecycle, from the first site screening to power forecasting.

Who uses WindSim?

WindSim is used worldwide by wind resource & energy assessors, meteorologists, and researchers at wind turbine manufacturers, project developers, government agencies, and academic institutions. WindSim is recognized worldwide as the leading provider—and the thought leader—in our space. Wind energy industry leaders choose WindSim. Meet the family.

How does it help?

Our customers optimize park layouts by identifying turbine locations with the highest wind speeds—but with low turbulence—to maximize production. They minimize loads on turbines to prevent potential problems. They keep their project’s stakeholders informed with robust, meaningful reports complemented with rich graphics and interactive 3D visualizations. Yes, you too can put a virtual wind tunnel to work. And, much more.

What’s in the package?

WindSim is powerful, world-class software based on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) that combines advanced numeric processing with compelling 3D visualization in a user-friendly interface. Add our unrivaled domain expertise, attentive customer support, and professional services and you get the best solution available today. We share lots of technical detail on this site, browse our library, with brochures, videos, papers and much more.

Why CFD?

Today’s wind energy industry demands software that delivers more accurate simulations. Studies prove that CFD captures terrain effects on wind conditions more realistically than traditional technologies used. CFD’s value when faced with complex terrain is well known. It also delivers value in simple terrain—and for offshore too. It’s increasingly prevalent to merge modern CFD methods with traditional approaches for the best decisions.

Ready to try WindSim?

Nothing beats firsthand experience. Get your free copy of WindSim EV (Evaluation) today, download WindSim EV.