Virtual Wind Data

Our virtual wind data service provides virtual wind data anywhere in the world with the highest resolution available in the market. The deliverable is a time series of wind data plus other meteorological parameters relevant for wind energy applications such as:

  • Reference dataset for long term correction (MCP)
  • Identification of potential site for wind farm project
  • Measurement campaign design
  • Layout design
  • Siting and energy assessment of small wind turbines
  • Other applications where meteorological observation are not available (eg. pollution dispersion modelling).


We can use both reanalysis or meso scale data to scale our CFD simulations. We apply an intelligent downscaling method to account for the difference in grid size.

The MERRA dataset contains also other important meteorological parameters like, temperature, humidity, density, planetary boundary layer height and atmospheric stability. This useful information will be taken into account when setting up the CFD simulations.

Download a sample data file