WindSim Express

WindSim Express makes CFD based micro-siting a simple three step procedure. First, name your project. Second, load your turbine positions and measurement data. Finally, set the resolution of the numerical model. That’s all. WindSim Express automatically download a terrain model of the area of interest and runs the simulations.

Cloud or local machine

The simulations can be run in two modes, in the Cloud or on a local machine. Access to powerful computing resources makes cloud simulations attractive. It is fast, cheap and easily accessible. Everyone can run cloud simulations on a pay per project basis. The project outcome is an Annual Energy Production report for your defined wind farm. WindSim licensee holders could alternatively run the simulations on their local machines. WindSim Express establishes an ordinary WindSim project that could be re-opened in WindSim, with the advanced properties available in the full version of the WindSim software.