Optimized Wind farm design

The optimization procedure has the aim to maximize energy production while minimizing loads on the turbines. In case a preferred layout already exists, this is defined as first guess of the optimization process. The scaled CFD results include information regarding the wind resource (which will be converted in an energy map using the declared turbine power curve). Information regarding the wind conditions that should be considered to verify the structural integrity of the wind turbine, like for example wind shear, turbulence and inflow angle are included. WindSim Park Optimizer module is able to determine the areas where is not advisable for turbine placement due to poor resource or bad wind quality based on IEC criteria. On the other hand it cannot calculate the constraints deriving from country/region specific restrictions (land, military, archaeological, environmental, etc), which should be already included in the polygon/s of the area of interest. Array efficiency based on an analytical wake model is also considered in the optimization process.