User meeting 2023

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The WindSim User Meeting will be organized online on June 21, 2023.
Please register (with your Teams account) through the follow link:
Registration WindSim User Meeting 2023
We will organize an Advanced WindSim training 19-20th of June in Tønsberg prior to the User Meeting. 
We are looking forward to see you in Tønsberg or online!
The agenda in brief:

09.00-09.30  Celebrating 20 years

09.30-09.45  Welcome and update

09.45-10.45  Product roadmap and updates

10.45-11.00  Break

11.00-11-15  Remote Sensing Correction 

11.15-11-45 WAsP-like statistical downscaling of mesoscale simulations with a CFD model

11.45-12.00  CFD simulations in local wind fields: a parametric study​

12.00-13.00  Break

13.00-15.00  User presentations