Windsim Accelerator

Spot value report in the WindSim Accelerator user interface. The "Job Status"-column to the right display the sector progression

High accuracy wind field simulations in less time

WindSim Accelerator helps wind farm investors, developers, consultants and operators develop projects with superior accuracy in less time. This is achieved by wind field simulations performed in the cloud.

The superior simulation accuracy secures wind farm profitability, allowing for increased energy production, reduced maintenance costs and improved financing. Project risks are lowered by using WindSim Accelerator – with high accuracy, high speed wind field simulations.

How it works

Data is imported as a grid file. A 3D model is created, based on the grid file and input properties. To reproduce the local wind climate many simulations of the local wind fields are required. Simulations representing different wind directions, different atmospheric conditions and seasonal variations. In the cloud all these simulations can be done simultaneously. Each single simulation can also be parallelized. Additionally, wind farm projects can be run simultaneously – all in all lowering the execution time. WindSim Accelerator can easily lower your execution time by a factor of 100. Pre- and post-processing takes place in WindSim 11.

A Complete Solution

WindSim Accelerator is part of the WindSim family of services to support you in your every need for wind analytics. As a subscriber of WindSim software, you will receive onboarding, regular functionality updates and have access to support. Other services include consultancy and project support, as well as training. Contact us for more information at

Please find more information about our WindSim Accelerator Terms & Conditions in the listed documents:

Data Processing Agreement (DPA)

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Standard Terms (ST)