Presentations UM 2022




Thanks to everyone for their contribution at the User Meeting 2022. Find below presentations following the agenda of the User Meeting. A few presentation will not be published due to confidentiality issues, this is why the links are empty. (Some authors might get permission to publish later, so please look back as the list could extend with time)

WindSim Accelerator

Lill Kleven, WindSim AS, Norway

Product Roadmap and updates

Tejo de Groot, WindSim AS, Norway

WindSim Remote Sensing Correction Tool Case Study

Petros Theodoropoulus, Istos Renewables, Greece

Mesoscale Microscale and CFD Modelling for Wind Resource Assesment

PJompob Waewsak, Thaksin University, Thailand

The use of WindSim in urban sites Buildings as Obstacles

Ghali Yakoub, University of Agder, Norway

Wind Turbine Wake Effects on Wind Resource Assessments by using WindSim

Jiayi Jin, University of Shanghai, China