We’re here to help. WindSim is well-known for providing consistently top-rated high quality support.

Technical Support


Send your question or a description of your issue to You will get the fastest reply and a wider internal review of your inquiry using than by sending emails directly to WindSim staff you may know.

Please include as much information as possible in your email to help us provide you with the quickest solution:

  • What error messages do you see from WindSim? Screenshots help—please send them if you can.
  • Are you getting errors outside of WindSim while it’s running?
  • Which procedure creates the problem? Can you reproduce it?
  • Which WindSim version are you running? Be specific—your version number is under Help » About.
  • Are you running WindSim 32-bit or WindSim 64-bit?
  • Are you running WindSim EV or the full version of WindSim?
  • Is this a new installation, an update, or a previously working installation with a new problem?
  • Which operating system are you running?

The support team answers all questions to their best ability, but there is a border between what is regarded as support and what is regarded as consulting. We usually phrase it like this: “If it concerns the software it is support, if it concerns the project it is consulting”.

Feature Requests

Got an idea to help improve WindSim?
Please share your ideas about new features that you’d like to see added to WindSim. Suggest how we can improve an existing feature. Recommend integrations with complementary products.
Send your idea and describe why you feel it’s valuable to Thanks!