Learning WindSim

There are several ways to learn how to operate WindSim.

Have a look at our introduction video, download a pre-calculated demo project or run through a demo project from scratch on your own.

1) If you simply like to learn by playing around with the software we recommend you to first have a look at the “WindSim Introduction” video. This introduction video is available in different languages check it out here.

2) We also recommend you to download the following completed project: WindSim EV Hundhammerfjellet.zip (21 MB). Unzip the project on your local computer and identify the so called project file with extension .ws in the root folder of the zip archive. Open the file in WindSim simply by double clicking on the file name. Now you have access to all content of a completed project. Please notice that this demo project has been executed with the free WindSim Evaluation version, hence it can be opened and further processed in WindSim Evaluation, but since the evaluation version is limited to models with less than 50000 cells, the accuracy of the results are severely affected.

3) Alternatively you can run a demo project from scratch following the instructions in the document Getting Started.pdf (4 MB) found under the “Help” menu in the WindSim software. All required input files to run the demo has been supplied as part of the WindSim installation. If the demo project is executed in accordance with the setting in the document “Getting Started”, then the results will be identical with the available project above “WindSim EV Hundhammerfjellet.zip” – Good luck with the simulations.