Product overview

WindSim Accelerator is CFD-based software with cloud computation on a subscription basis.

WindSim Accelerator helps wind farm investors, developers, consultants and operators develop projects with superior accuracy in less time. This is achieved by wind field simulations performed in the cloud.

The superior simulation accuracy secures wind farm profitability, allowing for increased energy production, reduced maintenance costs and improved financing. Project risks are lowered by using WindSim Accelerator – with high accuracy, high speed wind field simulations.

How does it work?

Data is imported as a grid file. A 3D model is created, based on the grid file and input properties. To reproduce the local wind climate many simulations of the local wind fields are required. Simulations representing different wind directions, different atmospheric conditions and seasonal variations. In the cloud all these simulations can be done simultaneously. Each single simulation can also be parallelized. Additionally, wind farm projects can be run simultaneously – all in all lowering the execution time. WindSim Accelerator can easily lower your execution time by a factor of 100. Pre- and post-processing takes place in WindSim 11.

  • CFD technology Modules: Terrain, Wind Fields, Objects, Results, Wind Resources, Energy
  • Wind Fields simulations in the cloud
  • Subscription-based software-as-a-service
  • Optimal turbine placement
  • High accuracy and reliable results, trustworthiness
  • Increased earnings visibility
  • Reduced project development time
  • Higher productivity
  • Time freed up
  • No local hardware investment
  • Accessibility
  • Unlimited model size
  • Continuous access to upgrades through regular releases
  • Predictable costs
  • Bankability
  • Better and faster investment decisions
  • Higher, realistic AEP
  • Lower CAPEX
  • Lower OPEX
  • Improved project RoI
  • Higher competitiveness
What are customers saying?

“Our project execution has greatly benefited from WindSim Accelerator. Access to abounded computing resources in the cloud has reduced the simulation time from days to hours. Easy access for all members of our wind and site team has further reduced the project execution time.”

Utku Unal,

Senior Wind & Site Specialist,

Statkraft Wind & Site Team


“We have used WindSim’s Accelerator since June of 2022. Not only has it reduced the solution time for our operational sites dramatically without the need for an in-house high-performance computer, it lets all of our WindSim users build their projects separately and then store and run them in one place so we can share projects easily. The benefits it brings in terms of CFD accuracy, efficiency and utility are great for us, such that we have already secured credits for the next three years!”

Ryan Kyle,

Wind & Site Engineer,

Ventient Energy


“We chose WindSim as our computational fluid dynamics tool for its use in complex terrain and forested sites. We have been using this package since December 2022 and have found the Accelerator product a useful way to gain access to significant computational power. We have had good success in using this product with smaller models in WindSim Accelerator and have found the remote sensing correction tool to be a valuable addition to our tool suite. Training courses provided and support services have been of high quality and very helpful.”

Tony Rovers
Senior Wind Development Specialist

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