Measurement Campaign Design

High resolution CFD modeling is used to analyze the wind quality at the site and identify the best locations where to erect a met mast based on optimal flow conditions for a measurement campaign. A wind measurement campaign is designed to represent as much as possible the wind conditions that the turbines will face in their lifetime, with respect to both wind speed and turbulence. The target of a met mast siting is to minimize the uncertainty of the extrapolation when transferring the wind conditions from the measurement point to the wind turbine hubs.
WindSim consulting team will choose the best locations based on the following criteria:

  • Average wind speed
  • Distance from future turbines
  • Terrain inclination for met mast installation
  • Similar wind shear
  • Low turbulence
  • Low vertical wind component
  • Proximity to electricity lines


WindSim will provide the client advises for mast height and measurement sensors configuration and mounting following MEASNET guidelines and IEC standards. Particular attention will be reserved to give recommendations for ensuring accuracy and high data availability in all climate conditions. The configuration proposed will guarantee the highest accuracy reachable in wind data measurements with current technology according to international standards and guidelines, making the wind data a reliable basis for project financing.