Release Notes Accelerator

Release notes 

Release #5.0.1 – 27.11.2023 

Several bug fixes including 

  • Empty project file after upload  

Release #5
 – 18.11.2023 

Live Plotting Feature 

  • As simulations run, users can view live plots of the spot and residual values, which allows for real-time convergence monitoring and analysis. 


Expense Management Enhancement 

  • Before starting a job, the user can now see the maximum amount of credits the simulation can consume. If the simulation reaches the convergence criteria before the maximum iterations, it will cost less. 


Credit Calculation Adjustment 

  • The credit calculation for PGCV-AMG has been adjusted, which significantly reduces credit consumption and costs. 


Credit Display Correction 

  • There was an issue where rerunning a simulation would show an incorrect number of credits required. This has been resolved to prevent confusion and ensure transparency.

Non-Active Subscription Messaging 

  • Users with non-active subscriptions will now receive clear and informative messages, improving communication and user experience.

Enhanced Zipping and Merging Processes 

  • We’ve optimized the zipping and merging operations post-WindField sector completion, ensuring quicker and more dependable performance. 

Release #4.0.1 – 06.10.2023 

Several bug fixes including 

  • Archiving and download projects 
  • Temperature  

Release #4 – 18.09.2023 

Cloud infrastructure changes and improvements 

  • Faster completion of projects 
  • Faster startup of simulations 
  • Small projects are quicker and more responsive 
  • Better support for large projects 


  • It is now possible to specify the solver againDue to some projects having trouble converging with the ParallelGCV-AMG solver we have reverted an earlier change and it is now possible to specify solver 

Release #321.04.2023  

Introducing new features related to new WindSim 12 desktop version 

  • Horizontal reduced wind database 
  • Simplified values for convergency 
  • Diffusive link – new boundary condition at the top 
  • New HYPRE solver 


Additional features for WindSim 11 and 12 versions: 

  • Enabled scientific notation for Convergence Value 
  • Improved tracking of simulation progress 


+ Bugfixes  


Release #25.10.2022 

New features and improvements: 

  • Input parameters are now editable in WindSim Accelerator 
  • Utilization module with status of subscription and available credits 
  • Improved information on simulation status 
  • Restarting simulations that did not converge 
  • Automatic restart of simulations that failed due to infrastructure issues 
  • Option to invite new users to WindSim Accelerator 
  • Account creation flow for new users 
  • Set up new password functionality 
  • Information on credits used per project 
  • Upload status for new projects 


+ Bugfixes 


Release #111.06.2022 

New features and improvements: 

  • Option to rerun single sector  
  • Added legend to the plots  
  • Added tooltip with the short explanation to each column in the projects list  
  • Improved plot and plot legend appearance  

+ Bugfixes