Site Suitability

Chapter 11.9 of IEC61400-1 (Am1 third ed. 2010-10) standard defines the check list to follow in order to verify if a wind turbine is suitable for a site by demonstrating that the wind conditions at the site are no more severe than those assumed for the design of the wind turbine.
Terrain complexity is assessed based on the digital terrain model and load related wind conditions like vertical wind shear, inflow angle will be derived directly from the CFD results. Ambient turbulence intensity instead is transferred vertically and horizontally from the measurement point to the hub height of every turbine by means of turbulence modelling. The wake induced turbulence is estimated using the Frandsen model (IEC61400-1 Am1 third ed. 2010-10). Extreme wind speed is also calculated from the wind data transferred at the hub height of every turbine using CFD calculated speed-up amd assessed through different statistical methods (eg. MIS and annual maxima).