WindSim | The Basics | Online

Get some hands-on experience with WindSim.

Our basic course focuses on the advantages—but also the challenges—of applying CFD techniques to wind energy projects. After the course, you will be able to work efficiently with WindSim and be able to evaluate the quality of the results—with a certificate to prove it. No prior knowledge about WindSim or CFD is required. The Basic course is a 1 day training with a follow-up session the week after. 

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Course Content

09:00–11:00         A brief look at WindSim’s history

                           Designing profitable wind farms

                           WindSim installation

                           Terrain Module: Generation of a 3D model

                           Tools: Terrain data conversion

                           Wind fields: Establish the numerical wind database

11:00–11:15         Break

11:15–13:00         Objects: Wind Farm Layout

                           Tools: Climatology data conversion

                           Results: Interpretation of the simulations, 2D results

                           3D visualization: Interpretation of the simulations, 3D results

13:00–14:30         Break for lunch

14:30–16:00         Tools: Vertical Profiles, 1D results

                           Wind Resources: The wind resource map

                           Energy: The annual energy production (AEP)

16:00–16:15         Break

16:15–17:00         Summary & Questions

                           *The Basic training course includes a follow-up session the week after.