windsim 8.0

WindSim 8 includes many new features, added functionality, and valuable extensions requested by our users. Today there is a clear trend towards cloud computing. Flow simulations inevitably generate huge amounts of data. In WindSim 8 we have managed to reduce the required data storage, which has been the main bottleneck for more extensive usage of cloud computing. Improved speed of the parallel solver is also an attractive new development with respect to cloud computing.



Storage reduction

Binary files and usage of 7z to reduce the size of the projects. Advanced settings button in the GUI to activate the use of binary files.

Parallel solver

Improved speed of parallel solver

New method for extreme wind calculation

Extreme wind calculation with less than two years of data

Compatibility with WindSim Power Forecasting

Export of look-up tables used in WindSim Power Forecasting

Improved batch mode

The batch mode in the Wind Fields module is now transferring the sectors directly to the new Queue Tool

Wind Resources module

Less memory consumption when doing the wind resource map for a regular grid

Energy module

The wake influenced wind speed per turbine is given in the energy table

Post-processing with global coordinates

A file with global coordinates in .scl file format in the dtm (digital terrain model) folder is written which makes it easy for the user to display their 2d results based on our .scl result files.

Word report

More pictures in the word report e.g. of the forested area if forest is activated and of all wind resource maps if more than one climatology is used in the module Wind Resources

Word report

Chinese version of the Word report



All problems reported under the release notes for version 7.0 are fixed

Forest with automatic gridding is working now

Bug fix to prevent negative values in effective turbulence calculation

Correct display of extraction layer height in wrg export when weighting against all climatologies

Terrain Editor georeferencing is working now

MCP (Measure-Correlate-Predict) based on ANN (Artificial Neural Networks) is working now