Windsim 9.0

WindSim 9 includes many new features, added functionality, and valuable extensions requested by our users. Here are some of the highlights.


Rotor Equivalent Wind Speed

New standards require that not only the wind at hub height is used for the power calculation but the average over the rotor. WindSim has implemented this new standard

Automatic Calculation of Forest Parameters

Global data base for leaf area index and drag coefficient enables straightforward way to create a realistic forest for your sites

Integration Towards Windplanner

Windplanner can import WindSim’s turbine locations to enable easy visualization and demonstration of your projects

Export to the new Flowres format of WindPRO

WindPRO can use CFD results directly if they are provided in a specific format. WindSim exports to this format now

Export to Google Earth

Visualize your WindSim results directly in google earth with an easy export

Scaled Vertical Profiles

The simulated vertical profiles can be scaled against the measurements and plotted in an excel sheet. It is possible to compare up to 5 different models for the same area against measurements.

IEC plots

Visualizes the effective turbulence for every wind speed bin and compares it to the standards

Site Compliance Files

All data necessary for site compliance is given within one file

Faster Energy Module Calculation

Even the largest models can be finished within a brief timeframe

Reduced Files in Binary Format

We made the output even more compact to save your disc space

More Cells

WindSim is technically able to run more than 100 million cells

New Actuator Disc

Faster actuator disc calculation which can also calculate the energy production (Contact us for this special feature)


All problems reported under the release notes for version 8.0 are fixed