windsim 7.0

WindSim 7 includes many new features, added functionality, and valuable extensions requested by our users. In particular we would like to highlight the new plug-ins; MCP (Measure-Correlate-Predict), Reanalysis Data Downloader and Queuing.




MCP (Measure-Correlate-Predict)

MCP is used to predict the long-term wind resources at a proposed site, by relating short-term measurements at the site to long-term measurements at a reference site. The MCP plug-in uses linear methods and artificial neural network methods.

Reanalysis Data Downloader

In the early stage of a project, when no measurements are available, reanalysis data will be the only alternative to supply a wind climatology. The Reanalysis Data Downloader downloads time series based on MERRA data, directly in WindSim’s time series format. Time series to be used in early stage projects, but also for long-term correction.


Queuing makes it possible for the user to run several projects in a row with the possibility to give priority to certain projects and to get email updates about the status of the projects. Utilize the available hardware resources in an optimal way with the new queuing functionality.

Cross checking – Feed-back form

The idea is to create a user-community sharing cross-prediction errors versus terrain complexity. The sharing will be anonymous, with no geo-referencing of the site. The outcome is obviously to get statistics on modeling accuracy according to terrain complexity, the ultimate question for all modellers.


WindSim 7 includes many new features which will be appreciated by our users like; cross-checking plots, terrain complexity calculation, new wall function, power density calculation, clean simulation stop, improved smoothing, increased model size, improved post-processing at many levels and much more.