Product Training

We want you to achieve the best results from your implementation of WindSim.
Our comprehensive Training Courses led by skilled instructors help you make that happen.

Public Courses

WindSim Training Courses are offered worldwide on a consistent, frequent basis at easily accessible comfortable venues. Often, these courses are conveniently scheduled to coincide with wind industry conventions, exhibitions, and workshops to make them easy to attend.

WindSim’s well-known public courses are WindSim | The Basics and WindSim | Advanced Usage & Concepts.

Our newest is the WindSim China | Training Plan introduced in China this year—planned to expand worldwide.

On-Site Training

We’ll come to you. Your on-site training course content can be the exactly the same as what is offered in our public courses, be designed with specifically tailored content, or be a mixture of both. The on-site option is often more convenient and more economical for customers planning to send multiple attendees to a public course or who wish to concentrate on project-specific issues.

Please contact us at to arrange for on-site training.