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We wish the best to you and yours for the holiday season and for the coming year. The WindSim Team

WindSim 6.2 Released | Download your copy
WindSim 6.0 was launched this summer, a major software release with a new powerful CFD procedure including the GCV (General Collocated Velocity) solver. Now WindSim 6.2 has been released with further improvements to the GCV solver settings, yielding increased robustness and reduced execution time, and also including a parallel version of the GCV solver, see press release.

To demonstrate its superiority concerning robustness we have tested the GCV solver in challenging terrain situations, in total 40 simulations were executed in highly complex terrains. As seen in the below figure the new setting of the GCV solver in version 6.2 performed very well compared with the GCV setting used in version 6.0, and in particular against the Coupled solver, which is now outdated. Simulations are classified in three groups; Converged - where a physical solution is obtained, Diverged - where no physical solution is obtained and Undefined - where the solution has become stable, but not yet fully converged as damped oscillations might exist in areas with high terrain inclinations.
The GCV did not diverge for any of the 40 simulations in highly complex terrains

Often increased robustness has the disadvantage of increasing the execution time. However, this is not the case with the GCV setting in WindSim 6.2. On the contrary we have achieved a reduction in the execution time. In the below figure we have tested three models ranging from 0.8 to 1.8 million cells, in all cases the GCV setting in version 6.2 is the fastest solver.
Execution time
The GCV in version 6.2 is about twice as fast as in the earlier 6.0 version

WindSim 6.2 includes a report export feature, allowing export of a Microsoft Word document for easy editing. The site suitability has been improved with more extensive outputs.

Consulting | From screening to post construction
WindSim’s experts offer a comprehensive range of technical services throughout the entire wind farm lifecycle, from the first site screening to post construction services.
  • Virtual Met Mast
  • Screening of Potential Sites
  • Measurement Campaign Design
  • Wind Data Analysis
  • Micro-scale Wind Resource Mapping
  • Optimized Wind Farm Design
  • Bankable AEP Assessment
  • Site Suitability
  • Post Construction Assessment
  • CFD Model Quality Assurance

The ERG Group, the largest energy producer in Italy has selected WindSim for wind energy consulting services. “Cutting edge CFD technology in the hands of experienced wind analysts. This is why we have chosen WindSim" - Andrea Gaspari, Head of Engineering, ERG Renew

New office | Orlando, Florida
To better support our growing activities in the USA WindSim Americas has established an office in Orlando with Dr. Xuan Wu as Country Manager; xuan.wu@windsim.com

office Orlando
WindSim Americas has established a new office in Orlando, Florida

Q1 2014 • Cloud Computing
Q1 2014 • Power Forecasting

Registration is required to attend the webinars. Invitations are sent well in advance to all subscribers of our newsletters.

Check out our previous webinar recordings about WindSim Express and Park Optimizer


WindSim | The Basics & Workshops
Tønsberg • Norway • February 4-5
Mexico City • Mexico • February 25
Istanbul • Turkey • March 6-7
Beijing • China • March 7
Las Vegas • Nevada • March 7
Tønsberg • Norway • June 24-25

WindSim | Advanced Usage & Concepts
Tønsberg • Norway • February 11-12
Beijing • China • March 20-21
Tønsberg • Norway • June 24-25

WindSim | Examination & Certification
Beijing • China • March 28



Don't miss our User Meeting this June. Get the most recent development updates from the WindSim team. Hear from some of the most advanced WindSim users and learn how WindSim adds value to their projects. Rewarding and fun - reserve the dates now.

DATES: 26-27 JUNE 2014

LOCATION: Quality Hotel Tønsberg, Norway


WindSim participates in wind industry events and conferences that span the globe. We're proud to mark more than ten years of active industry involvement.

Check our complete EVENTS SCHEDULE and please stop by to visit with us.


WindSim's global presence continues to grow. Today we have 14 Reseller Partners around the globe, delivering localized support to our user community. Please welcome our new Reseller Partners, St. Vincent in Argentina and Climatik in Mexico.

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