Description: Results Version: 9.0.0 Updated: 20.08.14


Exploring the wind database

The results of the wind field simulations are stored in a reduced database covering the vertical extension from ground up to the "Height of reduced wind database" as specified in the Wind Field module. The Result module extracts 2D horizontal planes from this database.

For inspection of the 3D set, use the 3D Visualisation->Generate/Open 3D wind visualisation file (.vtf) menu items.

1. Normalisation variable
Normalisation variable
The following variables are available:
Speed scalar X - wind speed scalar in East-West direction, UCRT (m/s).
Speed scalar Y - wind speed scalar in North-South direction, VCRT (m/s).
Speed scalar Z - wind speed scalar in vertical direction, WCRT (m/s).
Speed scalar XY - wind speed scalar in horizontal plane, SQRT(UCRT2+VCRT2) (m/s).
Speed scalar XYZ - wind speed scalar in 3D space, SQRT(UCRT2+VCRT2+WCRT2) (m/s).
Velocity sector XY - wind speed vector in horizontal plane, (UCRT,VCRT,0).
Velocity vector XYZ - wind speed vector in 3D space, (UCRT,VCRT,WCRT).
Direction scalar - wind direction in horizontal plane (degrees).
Direction scalar relative - wind direction in horizontal plane relative to incoming wind direction (degrees).
Turbulent kinetic energy - Turbulent kinetic energy, KE (m2/s2).
Turbulence intensity - Turbulence intensity assuming isotropic KE, 100*SQRT((4/3)*KE)/SQRT(UCRT2+VCRT2) (%).
Turbulent dissipation rate - Turbulent dissipation rate, EP (m2/s3).
Turbulent frequency - Turbulent frequency, OMEG (1/s).
Pressure - relative pressure: fixed zero at sea level, minus the hydrostatic term, (Pa)
Inflow angle - angle with respect to the horizontal, ATAN(WCRT/Speed_2D) (deg)
Wind shear exponent – exponent alpha of the equation speed1/speed2 = (height1/height2)^alpha (-)
Normalisation type
The following normalisation types are available:
Not normalized - Present results with no normalization.
Normalize against climatology - Normalization against the first visible Climatology object.
Normalize against scalar value - Normalize against the scalar value specified in "Scalar value".
Scalar value
Value used in normalization when "Normalization type" is Normalize against scalar value.
2. Planes
The heights above ground level for which the results should be generated. Only heights below the "Height of reduced wind database" specified in the Wind Field module are valid. Multiple heights can be given as a semicolon separated list: e.g. 50;60;70.
Sector angles
The sector angles for which the results should be generated. Only sector angles where wind field simulations have been performed are valid. Several sector angles can be given as a semicolon separated list: e.g. 0;30;60;90.
3. Legend
Legend minimum and maximum values
Specification of the legend interval, if both minimum and maximum are set to zero the full range will be given. Default value is zero (-).