Get Started

WindSim Cloud is a service reporting the Annual Energy Production (AEP) for any planned or existing wind farm. It is easy to use. It is cheap and it works globally.

WindSim Express and WindSim Cloud Manager

The service is based on the two programs WindSim Express and WindSim Cloud Manager. WindSim Express is used on your local machine to prepare a project for simulations in the Cloud. Whereas WindSim Cloud Manager is required to establish and recharge your account, and to handle the communication with the WindSim Cloud.

It is easy

WindSim Express makes Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) based micro-siting easy. The only input required from your side is to name the project and to load the turbine positions and measurement data. All remaining steps are made automatically. The outcome is a report passed over to you by email when the cloud simulations have been completed.

Powerful Cluster

Every project that you start will automatically create a powerful Cluster to run your simulations. The Cluster will consist of more than 72 Cores and more than 120 GB of RAM. If you start more than one project yet another Cluster will be established with the same configuration for every new project, there is no queues, no additional waiting for the results.

After the simulations are done the cluster is erased. There will be no possibility to recover any information used during the simulation, which also guarantees the confidentiality of your data.

The below figure shows what happens in background when we are running your project in the Cloud.