Annual championship 2021

Find the windiest position for each wind turbine - the winner gets 1000 EURO

You are hereby invited to take part in the annual wind farm design championship. The target is to design the world’s best performing wind farm, that is the wind farm with the highest energy production in accordance with the rules of this game - would you like to take part?



Download the instructions: "Wind Farm Design CHAMPIONSHIP - Version 1.5".

The instructions have changed during the years, they have become more and more rigid, in order to get a fair championship. WindSim AS awards the winner a price of 1000 EURO. The deadline for delivering your results is 31.05.2021. The winner will be announed during our annual User Meeting.

If you are not familiar with WindSim, you will benefit from running our demo project before attending the championship, see: Learning WindSim. Please notice that the WindSim support team will not be able to assist championship participants.

Find below some sample reports from earlier championships. Be aware that the conditions have changed during the years, therefore a direct comparison of results are difficult.


No. Date AEP (GWh/y) AEP report .vtf * Name (Company)
1 31.08.18 129.2 AEP report Tobias Bjerkomp (Norwegian University of Life Sciences)
2 28.08.18 127.8 AEP report .vtf Anne Lovise Rausand Hertzenberg (Norwegian University of Life Sciences)
3 29.08.18 127.3 AEP report .vtf Aksel Aarstad (Norwegian University of Life Sciences)
4 31.08.18 119.3 AEP report Knut Nonslid Eriksen (Norwegian University of Life Sciences)
5 31.08.18 118.5 AEP report Julie Hjellbakk Pettersen (Norwegian University of Life Sciences)

* the .vtf file contains a 3D model used for visualization, it is opened in GlviewPro